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We’re pioneering a fresh sub-niche within the Psychic/Spirituality market, setting the stage for innovative affiliates to do very well!

One of the core elements that sets PsychicGraphology apart is the revolutionary approach to engagement and discovery.

We’ve developed a brand-new type of funnel that incorporates an interactive element never before seen in the industry…

It’s an entirely new experience designed to captivate and intrigue, a perfect match for consumers in this niche who are always looking for something new!

If you’ve gone through the funnel, you’ve probably noticed that it’s not just fun but deeply engaging, allowing users to explore the depths of their personality and future through the lens of psychic graphology.

In essence, by combining the well-known art of graphology with the profound insights of psychic intuition, we’ve created a concept that resonates on a whole new level.

Everyone understands the potential of graphology to reveal hidden aspects of the self, but when intertwined with psychic insights, it transforms into an irresistible proposition!

When you promote PsychicGraphology, you’re offering your audience a unique experience that marries self-discovery with entertainment.

The Product

The front-end product is a comprehensive 10-13 page personalized reading that each customer receives.

This detailed report blends graphology and psychic insight, tailored specifically to the individual based on their handwriting analysis.

Here’s a closer look at what the reading covers:

In-depth Personality Insights: The reading kicks off with a deep dive into the customer’s personality traits, illuminated through the lens of their handwriting. Every loop, line, and stroke is analyzed to reveal underlying characteristics, strengths, and areas for potential growth.

Future Forecasts and Predictions: Leveraging the psychic aspect of the analysis, the report extends beyond the present, offering predictions and insights into the customer’s future. This could include career trajectories, love life prospects, and key opportunities or challenges on the horizon.

Actionable Advice: Beyond insights and predictions, the reading provides actionable advice on navigating upcoming decisions and life changes. This guidance is grounded in the personal attributes and future pathways identified through the handwriting analysis.

Personal Growth and Development: The report highlights areas for personal development, suggesting ways to leverage one’s strengths and tackle weaknesses. It’s a roadmap for personal evolution, encouraging customers to unlock their full potential.

Order Bumps

1. Express Delivery – 12 Hours Turnaround: For those eager to dive into their insights without the wait, the express delivery option ensures the personalized psychic graphology reading lands in their inbox in just 12 hours, half the standard delivery time.

2. Vibration Report: The report delves into the specific frequencies the persons handwriting reveals. it helps the customer understand how their personal energy vibration shapes their experiences and how to harmonize it with their goals.

3. Crystal Energy Guide: Enhances the customer’s connection to psychic energies with our Crystal Energy Guide. This add-on provides a curated list of crystals that align with their unique psychic vibrations, offering ways to enhance clarity, balance, and personal power.

4. Chakra Balancing Guide: Based on the insights from the psychic graphology reading, the customer receives a tailored guide for balancing their chakras. They can discover which of their chakras are flourishing and which may need attention, along with practices to achieve alignment and enhance their overall well-being.

90 Day Email Sequence

After completing the interactive part on the first page, we captures the persons email before proceeding to the second page.

If they don’t buy, they enter our 90-day email sequence designed to maximize your conversions!

Our 90-day email journey isn’t just about following up; it’s an adventure into the depths of psychic graphology and its power to transform lives!

We’ve packed this sequence with truly amazing information…

Everything from education, captivating stories, enlightening tips.

This email sequence is built on provide fresh content and amazing VALUE.

75% Commission Funnel-Wide

The following are the prices for each product, from which you get a 75% commission:

Front end: $14

Express Delivery – 12 Hours Turnaround: $7

Personal Vibration Report: $8

Crystal Energy Guide: $6.99

Chakra Balancing Guide: $7.99

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